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At the Julia Gregory Vocal Studio, Ms. Gregory teaches a derivative of the Garcia-Marchessi method emphasizing ‘one voice.’ Her students learn to sing with the ‘same voice’ all the way through their range. Many professional singers in Opera, Musical Theater, and Pop are trained in the Garcia-Marchessi method. Julia’s students use a combination of standard Garcia-Marchessi exercises as well as exercises created by Julia to develop their voice.

Unique to Julia’s teaching is the emphasis on the ‘science’ of the voice. She is adept at explaining the physiological principles of the vocal chords in such a way that is accessible to each student. Her constant personal study on the scientific developments of the voice and the principles of resonance, sound, and pitch enable her to provide exercises that allow the student to become more consistent in their singing.

Specializing in Young Performers

Getting accepted into the best schools for theatre and musical theatre in America and London is intense and becoming more competitive each year. The Julia Gregory Vocal Studio prepares each student for these auditions while teaching the singer an established and versatile vocal technique. The students develop a professional and appropriate vocal repertoire tailored to their strengths as a singer and actor while improving their musicality, understanding of lyrics, and overall song interpretation.

Ms. Gregory’s extensive teaching and performing experience helps prepare the students at her studio for Broadway audition scenarios. Because the standard of material selected and the training rigorous, Ms. Gregory’s high school students are very prepared for college auditions and obtain fantastic personal results.


Julia Gregory

Artistic Director & Voice Teacher

Julia is the primary voice teacher at the studio as well as the artistic director in charge of student development. With over 20 years of teaching experience her students have performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, national and international touring shows, regional theatres, in movies and television, and some have received recording contracts. Though she specializes in developing young voices from 12 years through college, approximately 33% of her clientele are adult working professionals.

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Renato Biribin Jr.

Acting Instructor

Renato is the primary Acting Technique instructor at the studio. He focuses on equipping those who want to pursue a career in musical theatre with an acting technique that allows them to understand what is expected in scene work as well in conveying “the story in the song.” Often, musical theatre actors either focus on dancing or singing technique but neglect their acting technique. Renato helps students develop their acting skills so they can become confident at auditions, during the rehearsal process, and in performance.

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Next Workshop

Monthly Performance Class

Acting instructor Renato Biribin, Jr. joins Julia Gregory as they teach students how to craft their song to performance level. Singers learn how to tell the story in a more meaningful way and with a deeper connection as an actor. Renato focuses on developing the character using the given circumstances of the scene leading into the song, the text of the song, and the ‘Who Am I?’ of the role. Julia focuses on opening up the student’s voice and the musicality of the performance. She will review vocal techniques that go into top-level vocal production and how the structure and arrangement of the song aids the performer in making strong acting choices. Each student should have one song prepared to sing and will receive adjustments from both Julia and Renato.

Student Performances

From music videos to Broadway performances to Disney concert halls, our studio has helped developed and produce top professional talent.

“I’ve been studying with Julia since high school. She has given me the tools and the confidence I needed to get to that next level. I’m always blown away by her knowledge of music, vocally and instrumentally, as well as the individual personal attention she gives to every one of her students. I am truly a better performer because of her. She is brilliant!”

Corbin Bleu , Actor

“Julia is not only an outstanding coach, but an outstanding mentor and support system which is so important to have. ”

Mia , Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

“Julia has educated me in addition to completely transforming how I sing. I am singing soprano parts comfortably after being told I was an alto my whole life.”

Camille , Spotlight Winner, Yale

“I am so grateful to have Julia as a teacher and role model! She has made me so confident in my vocal abilities in a short amount of time.”

Ariana , PACE University in NYC